Mortara University

Welcome to Mortara University!  We’re glad you’ve decided to visit our site. Mortara places the utmost value on education. We believe that the more knowledge you have, the more empowered you are to fulfill both your immediate and long-term goals.  We have 30 years worth of experience in non-invasive cardiology, and with that a lot of ideas and information to share.  So partner with us and embark on an entirely new learning experience.

The Mortara University curriculum is targeted to customers and employees alike – virtually anyone interested in learning.  Because it’s intended for a wide ranging audience, this program was built with flexibility in mind.  Based on your particular learning needs, the information can be used to establish entirely new knowledge or reinforce previously acquired concepts.  We leave it to you to determine how you can best take advantage of this fun and unique learning opportunity.

The Mortara University program consists of several formats for promoting enhanced learning:

Mortara eUniversity

Mortara eUniversity is our web-based learning program.  We think you’ll find this program easy-to-use, enjoyable and most importantly, beneficial.  Mortara eUniversity utilizes interactive educational tools which follow a self-directed learning model, allowing each participant the opportunity to acquire knowledge at his or her own pace.  Depending on your level of expertise and familiarity with Mortara products, you can choose the courses most appropriate for you.  The content ranges from broad clinical theory to more in-depth modules which include details about our various product offerings.

If you are a Mortara customer or business partner, please proceed by selecting the Customer Education link.

If you are a Mortara employee, please proceed by selecting the Employee Education link.

Mortara Customer Mentoring Program

Mortara recognizes the value of hands-on, face-to-face learning.  We are therefore pleased to offer a collaborative, customized training experience for our established customers.  This educational opportunity is extended to customers who wish to expand their understanding of Mortara products, whether first time or experienced users.  The Customer Mentoring program is offered in our corporate training facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This stress-free, focused environment allows you to build upon your product know-how, and in turn, bring the newly acquired information and techniques back to your respective organizations for all to benefit.

The Customer Mentoring Program is intended for key personnel responsible for leading staff members in general use and training of Mortara products.  Users, clinical educators, and other application specialists are invited to attend.  The intent of the program is to provide information, materials and support for creating in-house super users.

To obtain more information about our Customer Mentoring Program, please send email to education @  Subsequent information will be provided by the Mortara Education department.

Thank you for your interest in Mortara’s educational offerings. Our program is continuously expanding, so please check back again soon to learn about the latest additions to our curriculum.  For further information on any of our educational offerings, contact



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