Mortara Unveils Next Generation Electrocardiograph

August 30, 2016

ELI™ 380 ERGO, the latest innovation from leading U.S. medical device manufacturer

MILWAUKEE – Mortara Instrument, Inc. (Mortara), a leading U.S.-based designer, developer and manufacturer of diagnostic cardiology and patient monitoring solutions, announced the worldwide release of its next generation electrocardiograph – the ELI 380 ERGO. The ELI 380 ERGO is the latest innovation in Mortara’s ELI electrocardiograph product line.

The ELI 380 ERGO incorporates all the advanced features of the ELI 380 premium electrocardiograph, and introduces new innovations to build upon the device’s ability to provide a more efficient and streamlined experience for both patients and clinicians.

“A medical practitioner’s first priority is their patient, and that demands technology that is designed specifically to support that focus,” said CEO Dr. Justin Mortara. “The ELI 380 ERGO’s expanded feature-set enhances efficiency and overall workflow, enabling practitioners to improve the way they care for their patients.”

The ELI 380 ERGO features a large display for easy viewing of waveforms, a capacitive glass keyboard designed for improved infection control, and wireless bi-directional EHR connectivity.  It also introduces several new innovations:

  • A 180-degree swivel, 120-degree tilt display capability that allows clinicians to remain by the patient’s side and requires little movement on the part of the clinician, thereby simplifying workflow especially in tight spaces;
  • A capacitive 17-inch touchscreen display which requires minimal maintenance due to its chemically-strengthened glass and calibration-free characteristics;
  • SECUR-it which promotes the safeguarding of electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI), an increasingly critical need as healthcare becomes more interconnected and the opportunities for data breaches grow.

Mortara is a recognized leader, providing the medical device industry with solutions that are simple, integrated, user-centric and designed to meet the specific needs of clinicians and patients.

About the ELI series of electrocardiographs

The ELI series of electrocardiographs offers a range of innovative solutions for diagnostic ECG acquisition, each one featuring the renowned Mortara VERITAS™ resting ECG interpretation algorithm. From high volume systems to ultraportable handheld devices, ELI is the mark of dependable, robust performance built upon more than 30 years of diagnostic cardiology expertise. To learn more about Mortara’s ELI series, including ELI 380 ERGO, visit

About Mortara

Mortara Instrument, Inc. (Mortara) designs, develops and manufactures diagnostic cardiology and patient monitoring solutions that serve clinicians and improve patient outcomes, worldwide. The company’s innovative technology is simple, integrated, and designed to anticipate needs across healthcare settings, saving critical time and reducing human error. Mortara’s comprehensive range of products includes resting ECG, cardiac stress exercise, Holter monitoring, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and ambulatory blood pressure and multi-parameter patient monitoring.  Each and every Mortara product is “Built with Pride in Milwaukee” in order to consistently deliver the quality for which it is known. Mortara ships its products globally to over 100 countries, reaching some of the world’s most underserved nations such as Nepal and Bangladesh. To learn more about Mortara’s growing product portfolio visit

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