Unique wireless acquisition module that benefits both patient and clinician

Convenient Patient Access

Equivalent in size and weight to a conventional wired patient cable, the WAM™ provides freedom of movement for the clinician while acquiring electrocardiograms and during cardiac stress testing.

Easy ECG Acquisition

ECG acquisition can be initiated at the WAM or the electrocardiograph/cardiac stress testing. The WAM offers ON/OFF, 12-lead ECG acquisition, and rhythm printing at the bedside with a simple press of a button. Visual and audible feedback is provided at the WAM.

Small Spaces Are No Obstacle

With the WAM, the electrocardiograph no longer needs to be right at the patient’s bedside; this is particularly advantageous in critical situations or when the patient is in isolation. When used in cardiac stress testing, the WAM eliminates the need for a tethered cable, helping to enhance both safety and comfort. It also reduces obstacles for clinical personnel as they maneuver about the stress lab.

Point-to-Point Connection

Dedicated and secure communication links the WAM to a single electrocardiograph/cardiac stress testing system.

Diagnostic-Quality ECG

Mortara wireless technology features full diagnostic-quality ECG with a high-fidelity acquisition sampling rate of 40,000 samples per second per channel, a benefit for accurate pacemaker detection. Elimination of the cable reduces a source of artifact resulting in high-quality ECG tracings.

Efficient Power Management

Under typical usage, the battery operated WAM can acquire 250 resting ECGs. Advanced power management automatically turns WAM off.



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