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Cardiology Products for Physicians

At Mortara Instrument we help physicians manage their cardiology patients by seamlessly connecting test results from our diagnostic cardiology products to their electronic medical record systems (EMR).

Our product brands – Burdick, HeartCentrix, Mortara, and Quinton — are known and trusted for good reason. Each has a rich legacy and well-earned reputation for quality, innovation, ease of use, and durability. And each helps our customers provide the highest standard of patient care.

Why We Are #1 in the Categories We Serve

Beyond our well-known brands and broad portfolio, we understand how important it is to connect doctors to patient data.

Connectivity means better workflow for you and better care for your patients. Using our products, physicians can access diagnostic test results at any time from any place to quickly determine the best clinical pathway for their cardiology patients. With a wealth of informatics knowledge and experience, Mortara is a company you can depend on for solutions that connect to your EHR.

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Mortara offers a complete line of non-invasive diagnostic cardiology solutions for your practice or hospital.



Mortara has developed a unique platform to help marshal a study smoothly from site to submission.



Mortara is the leading provider of ECG algorithms and components for various applications.