Data Management & EHR Connectivity

It's your data. It's your choice.

Our diagnostic ECG devices fully integrate into your healthcare IT environment, facilitating efficient and accurate workflow for your staff.  We offer a wide range of options so you can choose the solution that best fits your situation.

Our DICOM-capable devices communicate directly with best-in-class, vendor-neutral cardiology information systems that manage diagnostic ECG data analysis and reporting.  These full-featured systems provide more information about the patient, such as medications, history, and other test results, enabling the cardiologist to make the best interpretation of the ECG data.  Clinical staff appreciates the streamlined workflow and elimination of separate systems to care for their patients.  Our DICOM-capable devices use bi-directional data exchange so ECG tests are automatically populated with accurate patient demographics and linked to the physicians’ orders.

If you don’t already have a full-featured cardiology information system capable of ECG data analysis and reporting, consider a Mortara solution to store and analyze your ECGs.  Our ECG management systems are optimized for Mortara devices and provide the cardiologists with a rich set of analysis tools.  Our systems optionally include an HL7 interface to receive orders from and deliver results to your other IT systems.  Add Athena for a convenient way to view ECGs with standard web browsers. 



Mortara offers a complete line of non-invasive diagnostic cardiology solutions for your practice or hospital.



Mortara has developed a unique platform to help marshal a study smoothly from site to submission.



Mortara is the leading provider of ECG algorithms and components for various applications.