HeartCentrix Device Connectivity Solution

The connectivity solution that integrates your Burdick and Quinton devices with your EHR

HeartCentrix is an innovative device connectivity solution for allowing ECG, cardiac stress test, Holter, and PC-based ECG and stress devices to upload test results for review and editing — anywhere, anytime. For physician offices, HeartCentrix is the only solution that connects your Burdick and Quinton devices to your EHR system.


  • Single sign-on from your EHR.
  • High quality ECG viewer with on-screen serial comparison helps make diagnosis easier.
  • Download orders and patient demographics and eliminate extra typing and data entry errors.
  • Automatically upload test results back to the EHR after each test is performed.
  • Compatible with the latest Microsoft® Windows® and Internet Explorer® software platforms.


  • Better patient care. Sometimes a situation demands that you review ECG test results immediately, but you may be miles from the patient. HeartCentrix solves that dilemma by providing the flexibility you need with anytime, anywhere access to cardiac patient information.
  • Connectivity. HeartCentrix provides bi-directional communication between your EHR and many Burdick and Quinton devices.
  • Efficiency. You can download orders and patient demographics and save time and paper, eliminate errors, and ensure patient safety. Upload results back to the EHR after tests are performed.
  • Convenience. You can review and edit test results at the office or any remote location.
  • Single sign-on. For immediate access, log in from home, the office, the clinic, or the hospital. Only a single sign-on is required because HeartCentrix interfaces with your EHR.




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