Holter Monitoring

Redefining digital Holter monitoring

Our Holter analysis systems offer clinicians the benefit of accuracy and efficiency.  With a focus on improving the patient’s experience, as well as the acquisition of accurate data, our Holter innovations improve the way monitoring is done.  Our compact digital Holter recorders provide patients the benefit of comfort and freedom so that they may go about their daily lives.  Just as critical, our Holter recorders serve as a powerful diagnostic tool, providing clinicians with the high quality data recordings they need to make important patient care decisions.  With a variety of scanning and recorder options, Mortara’s Holter solutions are remarkably flexible, satisfying a diverse range of Holter monitoring needs for hospitals and physician offices alike.



Mortara offers a complete line of non-invasive diagnostic cardiology solutions for your practice or hospital.



Mortara has developed a unique platform to help marshal a study smoothly from site to submission.



Mortara is the leading provider of ECG algorithms and components for various applications.